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How to Buy Vacant Land

Purchasing land to build on for your custom home can be a very rewarding experience both for the equity you can gain quickly and the knowledge you will gain from the experience.  I can not emphasize taking time to educate yourself on the complex issues that arise in buying and building on vacant land.  Be careful, call James G. LoVallo a licensed Realtor before you engage your neighbor to buy that vacant strip of land next door.  If you do not call then let me give you a couple of things you will need.  An Attorney that understands real estate law and is actually experienced in land transactions and development.  Do not enter into any contract until your attorney views the language and if you intend on building on the land make it contingent upon your ability to obtain a building permit for your desired building or improvement.  The next thing you should check is the local utility companies to confirm what and where the utilities are.  Do not be surprised if they have connection charges.  Find out what the charges are for Connection.  H20 a must in a new build home, where is the service, is there service and who is the authority on this for this parcel.  Wells can be dug, but if you must it could cost some dollars that you should take into consideration for the value of th land purchase.  There is much more to discuss on this subject but I can not give away all of my knowledge so call me to discuss your project or dream I just may be able to help you "make it happen".


James G. LoVallo Owner LoVallo Real Estate.

If You are looking to buy or sell vacant land in WNY then do not hesitate to call James LoVallo direct at 716-570-7760.  James has vast experience in the Title business and understands the various obstacles that occur when buying or selling vacant land or vacant lots in the following areas.

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